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We offer several services such as Game Therapy, Value Quest, Life Script Analysis,  Talk It Out, Energy Balancing, Subconscious Reprogramming,  Inner Child Healing, Mind Spa, Abundance Creation, Soul Temple Healing and Psychosomatic Medicine.

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We offer a variety of services. Listed below are some of them. Contact us to know more about these services.

Game Therapy

Experince transformation by playing games designed specifically for your context to help you deal with your challenges. It is based on the principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Subconscious Reprogramming

Subconscious Reprogramming is a service offered to change the way your mind operates to favour your empowered, enhanced and energized living. This is done through a tool called Hypnothereapy.

Value Quest

Value Quest is a tool to explore your personal values.  You would be able to  
understand what is that one value that you stand for. This helps in understanding your priorities.

Life Script Analysis

Life Script Analysis is a tool from Transaction analysis a branch of psychotherapy. It helps you to understand the  decisions you have made subconsciously as child.
These decisions form a part of your ‘life script’or the undercurrent theme of your life.

Mind Spa

Exprerience deep states of relaxation through an’Access bars’ session where your brain activity slows down when 32 points of your head are gently stimulated.

Abundance Creation

Abundance in every area of your life be it health, wealth, career, or growth. How would your life transform if you could question and let go of all the limiting points of view that hold  
you back?


Frequently Asked Question

Could we heal by just playing Games?

Yes! Game therapy is a an effective way to reprogram the neuronal circuits of the brain through words and actions.  A fun session leads you to a high perforrmance state.

What do we stand for?

Each person stands for something. Mahatma Gandhi stood for Non Violence, Motther Teresa stood for compassion, Martin Luther King Jr stood for Justice. Value Quest helps in exploring our personal values and reorient our thinking.

What do you mean by Talk It Out?

Sometimes all you need is somene to listen to and play you a sounding board as you speak your mind and understand where you are at. This is a counselling service provided by our team.

Does changing your thought pattern heal your body?

Every single ailment has a deep rooted cause at the mind. Psychosomatic medicine is a theraphy where we analyse your thoought pattern and heal your body faster than ever before.

Can we come in terms with our emotional turbulence?

Yes! Soul Temple Session helps to come into a state of acceptance of our situationand receive a deeper insight into our challenges.

Does my innner fear has something to do with my childhood?

Most of the fear and trauma we face are deep rooted in our childhood. Addressing your Inner Child helps to grow and integrate into your personality creating sense of fulfillment and vitality.

Can I get a hold of my Subconscious?

Sometimes motivation and conscious choices don’t seem to last and we get back to our old patterns. Subconscious reprogramming changes the way your mind operates for a better and energized living.

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